Why ClearWAY?

Save Time

Better, more automated processes, take less time to create, organise and complete.

Organise Teams

Organise your workforce more effectively, and get more done.

Reduce Costs

Simplified processes require less manual work, reducing costs.

Strengthen Processes

Make your processes more robust, and less error-prone.

...from as little as £3.95 a day!

About ClearWAY

ClearWAY is a software solution offering dynamic allocation of your regular tasks to your workforce with real-time reporting, keeping everything moving forward from one central place. ClearWAY is delivered as SaaS (Software as a Service), meaning no need for complicated infrastructure, or hours of installation - just log in whenever you like, wherever you are.

The level of customisation provided by ClearWAY makes it ideal for the real-time management of a broad range of tasks/processes. Everything from problem triage, to call handling decisions, to inspections – any process which requires your people to be guided though a number of steps to complete a task, gathering information (and/or images, and/or location data etc.) along the way.

Once you have defined your processes, they can be allocated to your people again and again in a number of ways, to suit your existing business processes.

We don't force you to submit your details before understanding the costs either - our pricing is transparent, open, and available on this page.

Please scroll down to learn more about ClearWAY and how it can help your business.

How does it work?

Create your processes

Create your processes

You create processes ("Pathways") comprising of a number of steps, which prompt the user to gather information / take images / scan barcodes etc

You specify how the user is moved through the process based on their responses.

Configure Allocation

Configure Allocation

Instances of Pathways can be allocated to your people or teams in a number of ways, depending on your preferences:

  • Manually, when required
  • On a scheduled basis
  • When triggered by other Pathways
  • Self-allocated

Users complete tasks

Users complete tasks

Users are guided through the Pathway Instance, and routed depending on their responses.

ClearWAY can be used out-and-about on mobile, or in the office. No apps needed, just an internet connection.

Results reported back

Results reported back

Monitor progress using the inbuilt dashboard, generate customised reports, or view/export individual Instance results.

With an Enterprise subscription you can integrate results into your own system with the ClearWAY API.


Here are just some of the features of ClearWAY*:

Optimized for mobiles

ClearWAY has been designed to be flexible. Whether you are working in the office, or on the move, ClearWAY is there.

Build and manage your own processes

You can easily build and edit business processes to suit your business, with no need for code.

Multiple Response Options

Pathway Instances can capture many types of responses - text, images, numbers, dates, barcodes, location data and more.

Reallocate tasks easily

You can easily reallocate tasks based on user responses, making ClearWAY a team-wide solution.

Lightning Fast Results

Pathway Instances send results back in real time, as they are being completed, allowing for instant analysis.

Easy Monitoring

You can keep an eye on the progress of your tasks, with the customisable inbuilt dashboard.

Customised Reporting

Build custom reports quickly and easily for viewing in the application, download, or API integration.


You can use the ClearWAY API to integrate results to your own systems.

Prioritise Workloads

Configure your own priorities and SLAs for different tasks.

Intelligent Routing

You can route users through processes in different ways depending on their responses.

Automatically Create Tasks

Create new tasks automatically when specific conditions are met.

Schedule Tasks

Create schedules to make tasks recur on a regular basis.

Live Alerting

Alert users of new tasks, even when the app is closed.

Maximum Flexibility

Review your usage and change your subscription at any time within the application.

Advanced Security

You have the option of only allowing users to log in from specified networks.

No Per User Pricing

We won't charge you for adding new users.

* Features vary dependant on subscription level.

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Process Improvement. Done.

ClearWAY allows you to consolidate, improve, and allocate your business processes easily.

Pathways within ClearWAY are a bit like flow charts - they are comprised of "Steps" which your people follow to complete a task.

Pathways, and their Steps, are simple to create, and can:

  • Offer guidance to the user
  • Prompt a user to enter information
  • Ask the user to capture an image or scan a barcode
  • Record the location of the user
  • Route to different Steps based on your criteria
  • Undertake actions, such as creating and allocating additional Pathways, or re-allocating the Pathway to another user or Team.

Each Step is fully customised to your requirements, and the system can easily be tailored to mirror your organisational layout.

Once you have defined your Pathways, you can allocate "Instances" of them to Users or Teams within your organisation to complete, based on the way you work – Instances can be allocated on a one off basis, a scheduled basis, "self-allocated", or allocated automatically from other Pathways.

Mobile Working. Redefined.

Your teams can work with ClearWAY on the move, making it ideal for applications involving estate management

Need your people to go out on inspections, or log problems across your estate? Want access to that data in real-time, and the ability to take actions automatically? No problem. ClearWAY is entirely compatible with mobile devices, so you and your colleagues can use it whenever you like, wherever you like (subject to internet connection).

Advanced Reporting. In Real Time.

Pathways report back in real-time, allowing you to monitor and track the performance of critical business processes live.

Whether through the customisable dashboard, or the integrated reporting suite, you can determine what you want to see, when you want to see it, helping you to manage your processes in detail.

At Enterprise level, it is also possible to integrate real-time data to your own systems via our reporting API.

An Example. Using ClearWAY for property inspections....

Here we look at a quick demonstration of how ClearWAY can be used as a tool for standardising property inspections.

This video gives an idea of how ClearWAY can be used, but for a more comprehensive look, please get in touch for a demo or trial.

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The right subscription. For you.

With no per-user pricing, you can empower your whole team with ClearWAY from as little as £3.95 a day, but we know that different clients have different needs, so we offer a range of subscription levels, as well as negotiated contracts.

We also know that things change in business, so you can easily upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time, and keep track of your usage, all within the application.

Our standard pricing schedule is shown here:

Included Pathways1
Max Steps per Pathway40
Max Instances per month†80
Additional Pathway Cost*£120.00 per month
Additional Instance Cost*£0.95 each
Report API
Pathway Scheduling
Monthly Subscription Cost£120.00
Included Pathways3
Max Steps per Pathway60
Max Instances per month†240
Additional Pathway Cost*£115.00 per month
Additional Instance Cost*£0.90 each
Report API
Pathway Scheduling
Monthly Subscription Cost£350.00
Included Pathways6
Max Steps per Pathway80
Max Instances per month†480
Additional Pathway Cost*£110.00 per month
Additional Instance Cost*£0.85 each
Report API
Pathway Scheduling
Monthly Subscription Cost£680.00
Included Pathways12
Max Steps per Pathway200
Max Instances per month†1000
Additional Pathway Cost*£110.00 per month
Additional Instance Cost*£0.80 each
Report API
Pathway Scheduling
Monthly Subscription Cost£1,330.00

All prices shown exclude VAT, and may be subject to change. Minimum contract terms may apply.
Prices shown include 25% discount for payment by Direct Debit.

The maximum number of Instances is the total number created, spread across all Pathways.
* You have the option to add additional Pathways, and additional Instances can be created, over and above the allowance, for the prices shown. This is optional, disabled by default, and can be updated at any time in Your Account. We will only bill you for Additional Pathways which have had at least one Instance created in the calendar month.

Which subscription is right for you?

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Try ClearWAY free for 30 days, with no obligation.

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